In the first episode of the Prefecture Go podcast, hosts Richard Banks and Stephen Powell and guest Donna Angelou, educational consultant, discuss the circular city, its core components, and how it could change our education system for the better.

A circular city is a re-imagined architectural and self-sustaining societal structure. It primarily focuses on maintaining the world’s natural resources to ensure a higher standard of living for all human inhabitants. Instead of our current linear system, in which materials are often thrown away after use, circular systems put raw materials back into use to maintain their value, cut down waste, conserve resources, and improve efficiency.

The circular environment shifts away from our current individualistic society to collectivistic community. It creates a team-focused environment that allows people to rely on each other and use each other’s knowledge to build something together.  Prefecture’s imagined circular city would allow individuals to empower the community with their skills, talents, and passions. Prefecture Go Academy sets this stage virtually and presents these scenarios to help students learn and problem-solve in new ways. Join Richard, Stephen, and Donna as they explore this shift from individualism to collectivism and what this could mean for the education system.