Network data centers are at the center of modern technology, and they will play a critical role in expanding the capabilities of technology for future enterprises, including in the circular city. Data centers and servers are both behind-the-scenes technology we often don’t think about. These network data servers are what compile all the data and information we interact with on websites or apps, and they have improved the functionality of data as a whole.  The servers act as the engine of data centers, collecting and sending information over a network. We usually don’t stop to think: where is this data coming from to make this work?

Typically in the center of circular cities, there is dome-shaped data center that is a hub for collecting, storing, and processing data. AI like Prefecture’s K.A.I.L.E. (Kinesthetic Artificial Intelligent Learning Environment) will need an immense amount of data storage to carry out calculations and solve problems using algorithms.

In this episode, hosts Richard Banks and Stephen Powell explore the past, present, and future of network data centers in conjunction with artificial intelligence. AI technology like K.A.I.L.E. is not meant to be controlling or governing. It’s meant to increase the wealth of information, opportunities, and quality of living for the community. What possibilities does this type of technology offer? Is a symbiotic relationship with AI is possible? Join Richard and Stephen as they discuss these questions and more in this episode of the Prefecture Podcast.