Demographic Questions:
Which area of Hillsborough County, FL do you live?
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We are developing individualized vocational curriculum on a game story platform called "FUTURE???". A role-playing, survival, resource management, building, learning platform. Focusing on Advanced Technology and Environmental project solutions. This survey will tell us: What does our Prefecture Members want and how our game story will be structured. This is our pre-launch survey and we will continue to put out surveys on our website to help develop the story and curriculum for you.
Gameplay section :
1.) How many hours a week do video game play/(Required)
2.) Which platform do you prefer? (Check all that apply?(Required)
3.) Which are your favorite gaming Genre? (Check all that apply)(Required)
4.) Favorite Event Genre? (Check all that apply)(Required)
Learning curriculum section:
5.) How many hours a week do you spend learning? (All and any learning/studying)(Required)
6.) How do you like to learn?(Required)
7.) What is the role does industry partnerships in vocational curriculum for advanced technology and environmental projects play?(Required)
8.) Which are you favorite subjects? (Check all that apply)(Required)
9.) Are you interested in? (Check all that apply)(Required)
Post graduation plans section:
10.) Which one best describes you post high school graduation?(Required)
11.) Are your interested in an Advanced Technology or Environmental Projects?(Required)
12.) Which one of these Projects interest you?(Required)