In this episode of the Prefecture Podcast, hosts Richard Banks and Stephen Powell explore the transportation and medical sectors in a circular city.

A key principle of circular city transport would be shared mobility, or an “as needed” access to transport for the entire populous. This could include electric car-sharing, shared autonomous vehicles, microtransit like electric bikes and scooters, shared-microtransit, and public transport options. Transport would become less about individual ownership and more about accessibility for all. Consequently, no one person would own a vehicle of transport. Will people be able to resolve the loss of the driving experience?

In our fictional circular city, Prefecture imagines autonomous public transport taking form as driverless, color-coded pods that are well-attuned to each individual of the populous’ travel needs. The color-coded pods would provide visually recognizable signals to the entire populous. Red pods could signal emergency travel to a medical center, green pods could signal the delivery or transport of goods, blue pods could signal the transport of people, etc.

Join Richard and Stephen as they discuss self-driving technologies, drones, flying cars, virtual reality driving games, and how a new transportation system could advance medical needs.