In this episode, hosts Richard Banks and Stephen Powell join in conversation with guests Greta Kishbaugh, college professor of business and management, and Donna Angelou, educational consultant specializing in social and emotional learning, to discuss VARK. VARK is an acronym that stands for Visual, Aural, Read/Write, and Kinesthetic sensory modes of learning. The VARK model suggests these are the four main types of learners, yet oftentimes students are expected to learn through a standard “one-shoe-fits-all” method.

The textbook reading assignments, teacher-student lectures, and hand-written notes are quickly becoming a thing of the past in modern classrooms. These traditional teaching and learning methods are not working for a majority of students in the twenty-first century. What’s changed? One of the most difficult problems faced in today’s education system is teaching effectiveness. Students are absorbing large amounts of surface-level information—that is often quickly disposed of— without interacting with it in a useful way. Is this effectively preparing a useful workforce? What needs to change? Explore these questions and more in this episode of the Prefecture Go Podcast.