What is V.A.R.K?

V.A.R.K is an acronym that stands for Visual, Aural, Read/Write, and Kinesthetic sensory modes of learning. The VARK model suggests these are the four main types of learners.

Visual learners prefer the depiction of information in maps, diagrams, charts, graphs, and other graphics that replace words. Aural or Auditory learners prefer information that is heard or spoken. These individuals learn best from lectures, group discussions, speaking, online chats or discussion boards, and generally being able to talk things through. Individuals who learn best from reading and writing prefer information to be displayed as words in reports, worksheets, study guides, essays, or written assignments. These learners also prefer reading textbooks, taking written notes, and making lists. Kinesthetic learners prefer simulated experience or real life applications. This could include physical demonstrations, experiments, simulations, videos, movies, case studies, or hands-on activities.

Students may feel drawn to one particular learning style or enjoy a mix. Understanding your own learning preference can help you create study strategies that benefit you the most. What learning style do you prefer? Tune in to Prefecture’s next podcast for a more in-depth discussion on VARK.

To learn more about VARK and your personal learning style, visit https://vark-learn.com.

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